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Taking care of your clothes is the best way to make them last for a long time. Here’s a little guide on handling your underwear, T-Shirts and lounge sets, so you can wear them year after year. To care for the things you already own is as essential for the wallet as for the environment. Do you have any tips and tricks you’d like to share? Tag us on Instagram or email us!

- Always follow the washing instructions on your garment. Might seem a little boring but it's there for a reason.

- Don’t wash your clothes too often. Most clothes doesn't need a wash after just one wearing. Cotton is a natural fiber that breathes. Hang them out to vent if you want a quick freshen-up. 

- Wash at lower temperatures. Washing powders of today is efficient even in lower temperatures and doesn’t need as much heat for the clothes to get clean. 

- Keep away from dryers, we know it’s tempting but it can stretch the shape of the clothes and will make them look worn out faster. Additionally it's way better for the environment to let your clothes air dry.

- Avoid detergent called “white” they usually contain bleach that ruins the elastane. Only use “white” washing powder on 100% cotton fabrics.

- Fabrics softeners isn’t very good for yourself, the clothes or the environment. We suggest you keep away from it.

- Wash the clothes inside-out. The color will keep for longer and you avoid pills and rubs on your items.

- Keep zips and buttons closed when washing so they don’t scratch other garments.

- Clean your closet regularly and make sure you fold or hang clothes properly. It doesn’t only look good; it actually helps keeping them in good shape for longer.




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