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In the tranquil mornings that frame the start of your day, selecting the perfect outfit should be as comforting and straightforward as your first cup of coffee. Bread & Boxers understands this intimately, crafting long-lasting basics that promise ease and elegance as you dress. To ensure each piece from our collection continues to serve you well through countless mornings, here’s a narrative guide to caring for your Bread & Boxers attire—from our soft underwear to our elevated T-shirts and relaxing lounge sets.


Heed the Washing Sage

Each piece of Bread & Boxers clothing comes with a story stamped into its label—the washing instructions. These are not merely suggestions but rather essential guidelines penned by our fabric experts. They ensure that your garments receive the best possible care, keeping them as pristine and comfortable as the day they were crafted.


Embrace the Patience of Washing

In the world of Bread & Boxers, less is often more. Resist the urge to wash your garments too frequently. Cotton, the breath of your wardrobe, doesn’t demand a wash after each wear. Instead, if they need a little refreshing, simply let them bask in the fresh air overnight.


Cherish the Gentle Warmth

Modern washing agents have evolved and are now remarkably efficient at lower temperatures. By choosing a cooler wash, you’re not only conserving energy but also cuddling your clothes with gentle care, prolonging their companionship.


The Art of Air Drying

Forego the harsh whirl of the dryer. Instead, let your Bread & Boxers pieces air dry. This method is not only tender on the fabric but also kinder to our planet. It preserves the integrity and shape of your clothes, allowing them to age gracefully.


Steer Clear of Harsh Whites

Beware the allure of detergents boasting brightening powers. These often contain bleach, a harsh chemical that can fray the threads of trust we’ve woven into our fabric, particularly those with a hint of stretch.


Skip the Softeners

While fabric softeners might promise silkiness, they often leave behind more than just a scent. They can coat and weaken fibers. We suggest skipping them altogether for a truly gentle touch.


Inside-Out Is In

Turn your Bread & Boxers pieces inside out before washing. This simple inversion protects the colors and textures from the tumult of the wash cycle, ensuring they continue to look and feel sublime.


Zip and Button

Before tossing your clothes into the wash, make sure all zips are zipped and buttons buttoned. This small act prevents them from playing the rogue in a ballet of washing, where they might snag or scratch your other beloved basics.


A Thoughtfully Curated Closet

By embracing these mindful practices, not only do you extend the life of your Bread & Boxers collection, but you also tread lightly on the earth. Our promise is to make your mornings effortlessly elegant, and caring for your basics this way ensures that every day begins with a touch of simplicity and sustainability.



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